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Goldman Sachs to pay $5.1 billion for deceptive mortgage practices

Goldman Sachs (GS), which famously bet against the U.S. housing market ahead of the 2008 financial crisis, will pay $5.06 billion to settle federal charges of deceptive mortgage practices in the years leading up to the meltdown The deal announced Monday resolves state and federal probes into the sale of shoddy mortgages before the…

Zika virus “scarier than we initially thought”

The more researchers learn about theZika virus, the scarier it appears, federal health officials said Monday as they urged more money for mosquito control and to develop vaccines and treatments Scientists increasingly believe the Zika virus sweeping through Latin America and the Caribbean causes devastating defects in fetal brains if women become infected during…

Hillary Clinton, Bill de Blasio criticized for race-based joke

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her ally New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio are taking heat for a race-based joke they made at a charity event over the weekend Appearing on stage at the Inner Circle Show, an annual New York comedic performance held for charity, Clinton set up the joke: “I…

A Brief History of St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day, the day some pretend to be Irish and down a few pints, is one of the most beloved holidays on the calendar But more than 1,500 years after St. Patrick’s death, the truth about how the March 17th holiday got its start remains a surprising tale for most revelers. To clear…

SeaWorld to End Orca Breeding Program

SeaWorld is ending its controversial killer whale breeding programs, the theme park operator said in a statement today from here. Its treatment of the orcas has come under fierce criticism since the release of the 2013 documentary “Blackfish.” “SeaWorld has been listening and we’re changing,” the statement said. “Society is changing and we’re changing with…

Citrix Server Rename FastTrack (11)


Renaming a Citrix server in your environment should be a 15-minute change. Show your colleagues that you are a XenApp whizz by following this tutorial. Using Citrix tools to make things effortless, whilst also showing you what to watch out for – after you’ve made the change. Special bonus: when to clone a XenApp 5…

Multi-Monitor FastTrack (12)


Want to place your Citrix apps anywhere on your 3-monitor setup? Step thru these changes you need to make to your Citrix servers to make this happen    

Multi-Monitor (22)


Do your users hate Citrix when they can’t position their apps wherever they like on their dual-monitor setups? Save the day by calculating how much graphics memory you need to allocate. More than that, bypass Citrix’s artificial graphics maximum with ease. Join me in making the Citrix experience a good one!

Chfarm FastTrack (37)


Want to be an expert in XenApp? Get your head around Chfarm, the built-in Citrix utility. It simulates a large part of the Citrix server install sequence, whilst allowing you to smoothly control farm membership during a migration or upgrade. Don’t wait until your fire-fighting before you master it!

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