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Installation Manager FastTrack (20)


This is a breeze: creating a package group of post-HRP06 hotfixes in Installation Manager, scheduling the install, coming back in 20 mins and they are all done. Follow along with your own environment, installing the latest XenApp hotfixes that you are missing – becoming an Expert with the minimum of effort. BTW this video assumes…

Hotfix HRP06 (36)


If you’ve not been thru the shenanigans of installing Hotfix Rollup 06 or 07 on your Citrix farm, maybe now is the time for action! I take you thru the prerequisites that must be in place before you begin. Of course, everything’s all automated. You get to see what to look out for as we…

Hotfix FastTrack (21)


Need to get those post-HRP 06 hotfixes on a Citrix box automatically? Perfect, you’ve come to the right place! Get clear on the prerequisites, add them to a script, look out for the various gotchas, and your done  

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